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Reliability of water supplies at your finger tips.

iDayliff IoT is a next generation Internet of Things system and infrastructure by Davis & Shirtliff, to help you or your organization take control of your water supply, water pumping, water filtration and water purification systems, and always keep you one step ahead. An all round ecosystem for Monitoring & Control of your equipment.

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Reliability of water supplies at your finger tips. Reliability of water supplies at your finger tips.

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iDayliff IoT is impacting lives, business and livelihoods by ensuring water reliability across all industries. See how our most recent customers are benefiting from the power of iDayliff IoT.

Features built to empower you

iDayliff IoT is built to empower your business decisions, by offering complete transparency of your water equipment's operation, so you can take action when and if you need to.

Energy Consumption Monitoring

You are able to understand the energy demand of of your equipment over time, to help you establish ways or sections that are best candidates for implementing energy saving initiatives.

Status & Alarm Monitoring

iDayliff IoT is built to pick these alarms and deliver their occurrences to you via multiple channels.

Flow & Flow Rate Monitoring

iDayliff IoT allows you to measure cumulative water delivered as well as estimated instantaneous flow rate.

Conditional Parameter Alerts

When some parameters are critical to the operation of your equipment, it is important to be alerted when those parameters’ values pass allowable limits.

Real Time Equipment Control

This feature helps you control your equipment remotely and securely via the internet.

Power Consumption Monitoring

Understanding the amount of power your equipment consumes over time helps you take the necessary steps to better operate your equipment.

It's fits in your pocket too!

It's fits in your pocket too!

Carry the power given to you by iDayliff IoT with you everywhere you go.

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It's fits in your pocket too!
It's fits in your pocket too!

Equipment Supported

We continue to develop support for as many equipment in your home or organization as possible. Here is a glimpse of the number of equipment we support.


Borehole Pumps


Water Treatment Plants


Water Filtration System

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Ensuring Water Reliability
July 16, 2020

Ensuring Water Reliability

Using iDayliff IoT to take control of your water pumping and supply