iDayliff IoT for

Enterprise Accountability and Reliability

iDayliff IoT delivers accountability and reliability of energy and water supplies within your enterprise.


iDayliff IoT for

Peace of mind at home

iDayliff IoT is designed to Improve lives by giving peace of mind.

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Case Studies

iDayliff IoT is impacting lives, business and livelihoods by ensuring water reliability across all industries. See how our most recent customers are benefiting from the power of iDayliff IoT.

Features built to empower you

iDayliff IoT is built to empower your business decisions, by offering complete transparency of your water equipment's operation, so you can take action when and if you need to.

Real Time Event Notifications

iDayliff IoT notifies customers in real time via SMS & Email on selected events of their pumping solution.

Utility Expenditure/Savings Monitoring

iDayliff IoT monitors and predicts electricity tariff bills or savings with solar, based on equipment power consumption and run hours.

Daily & Monthly Water Production

iDayliff IoT provides analysis on water pumped per day and per month for better understanding of borehole yields.

Reliability – Reduced unplanned down time.

iDayliff IoT collects data about equipment operations, and reports alarm or breakdown events in real time enabling prompt dispatch of maintenance services and provision of peak level service response time.

Usage Monitoring and Accountability

iDayliff IoT monitors daily and monthly water and energy productions providing an accurate 360 degree view of system efficiency, billing accountability and enabling data driven decision making.

Equipment health and predictive maintenance.

iDayliff IoT provides historical analytics and reporting of equipment operations, health and condition that help to identify early maintenance opportunities, and elevated risk areas that may lead to equipment down time.

Real time control by the click

No matter where you are, iDayliff IoT allows you to safely start and stop your equipment by a click.

It's fits in your pocket too!

It's fits in your pocket too!

Carry the power given to you by iDayliff IoT with you everywhere you go.

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It's fits in your pocket too!
It's fits in your pocket too!

Equipment Supported

We continue to develop support for as many equipment in your home or organization as possible. Here is a glimpse of the number of equipment we support.


Borehole Pumps


Water Treatment Plants


Water Filtration System

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On your desktop or laptop? No worries
On your desktop or laptop? No worries
On your desktop or laptop? No worries
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Bespoke IoT Solutions

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Ensuring Water Reliability
July 16, 2020

Ensuring Water Reliability

Using iDayliff IoT to take control of your water pumping and supply